Color Genomic Offers Reduced Genetic Cancer Screenings During Pink October


As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Color Genomic, a Burlingame-based health company specializing in genetic testing, is partnering with UCSF's Center for BRCA Research to make prevention more affordable.

During the month of October, men and women can purchase a Color Test for $224 (down from the original $250 price). The Color Test is able to analyze 30 different genes, including BRCA 1 and BRCA 2, associated with an increased risk for the most common hereditary cancers: breast, colorectal, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, stomach, and uterine cancers.

The Color Test(Courtesy of Color Genomic)

If an individual has a mutation, there is a 50% chance that each of their first-degree relatives also has the same mutation. So, Color Genomics and the BRCA Foundation have also added a family testing program, which provides testing to parents, siblings, and adult children of people with mutations for just $50, rather than the $249 price.

To purchase the kit you need the authorization of your physician or your doctor, who can place the order for you. A copy of the results will also be delivered to your doctor. //

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