Convertible Clothing: Fast Fashion's Worst Nightmare?


Though every season we vow to invest in quality over quantity, a tightened shopping budget and the desire for instant gratification always lead us back through the doors of H&M.

Luckily we now have another alternative: convertible clothing and accessories. While this idea isn’t new by any means, it’s become a full-on trend as of late and we only see it getting bigger as these tough economic times continue.

Less can be more--we, for one, are looking forward to finally purchasing better quality garments, getting creative with styling and freeing up some much needed closet space. Now we turn it over to you to give some of our favorite innovative pieces a try and bid adieu to fast fashion.

Please Dress Up! Convertible Square Dress, $198-398 depending on fabric, available in SF at Shotwell: This asymmetrical cocktail dress (we prefer the black silk) can be worn over a half-dozen ways, making it the ultimate LBD.

Complex Geometries Double Tube Tee/Dress, $188: An avant-garde addition to your wardrobe, this oversized tee/dress is ideal for summer layering.

Harputs Own The Sweater in Italian Knit, $325: Drape this brilliant sweater/wrap dress/top/cardigan/whatever-you-want-it-to-be over a body-con dress or skinny jeans for an effortlessly fashion-forward look.

Key by Khoi Le Fringe Spats, $38: Turn your staple shoes into statement shoes in a flash with these edgy Alexander Wang-inspired spats.

Litter SF Walk Away Shoe Jewelry, $135: Litter's shoe jewelry is sure to add the perfect amount of downtown glam to your step.

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