Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1350 Studio on Haight


I've always been fond of the city's outer neighborhoods (Sunset, holler!), but one bout of rain is all it takes to have me singing the praises of more centralized living. When the weather isn't cooperating, it helps to have your favorite night spots close at hand in order to shake that cabin fever that inevitably sets in after a day or so of rain.

So if you've got similar concerns, or simply appreciate a home close to the city's hub, this week's Craigslist Deal is for you. It's right on Haight about a half a block from Divis – steps to The Page, near NOPA, Bar Crudo, Ragazza, and other favorite dining spots, and around the corner from Faletti's if you've got to make a quick dash to the store.

Better still, this studio is super cheap, and comes with a separate kitchen and dining room, entry hall, and a walk-in closet. Makes staying indoors sound not so bad after all, huh? Spacious Light Edwardian Studio

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