Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1475 NoPa Studio


Most studio kitchens are meager, to say the least; a small chunk of the wall with a few plates-worth of cabinets, a sink, a wisp of a stove, and virtually no counter space to devote to actually preparing a meal. On the other hand, find a studio that's big enough to actually cook in, and who wants to? When that quick sole meunière is bound to spend at least a week hanging out in your nearby sheets and pillows, it's just not worth the effort.

But find a studio with a large, separate kitchen, and you're set for life (or at least until the lease is up). This week's Craigslist Deal offers just that: a bright, stand-alone cooking space with walls of handsome cabinetry, plenty of counters, even a dining area, all removed from the vicinity of those permeable bed linens. And happily, ample windows, closet space, and an updated bathroom make the rest of the apartment just as appetizing.

Sunny, Remodeled Studio

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