Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1495 Jr 1 Bdrm Near Polk


The end of the year always brings good tidings and great rental deals. It's not thanks to holiday cheer, mind you; rather, it's landlords slashing prices to get their apartments rented when people are busy nesting and shopping, and have no intention of packing up and shipping out until at least late January. But if you're one of the brave souls willing to get through the holidays and a move in one whirlwind month, you're in luck: The market is rich with low-cost options.

Take this week's Craigslist Deal for instance. I could easily see this going for $200 more in prime rental season (change of summer to fall, if you're curious),  but now it's priced low at $1495. It's located near Polk Street in a decent neighborhood, and includes all utilities in the rent. To play devil's advocate, there's a possibility that the kitchen is Hagsville. But since it's Christmas, let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

Charming Jr 1 Bdrm

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