Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1775 Studio in Pac Heights


Your motto is, "Let's keep things open". You don't like to commit, whether it be to a pile of furniture or a landlord, and long-term leases make you to break out in hives. Yet everywhere you turn people are asking for a mimimum of one year devoted to an abode. What's a commitment-phobe to do? Forget those lengthy leases and opt for this week's Craigslist Deal instead.

You'll get a sunny, furnished (or not–up to you) home on the border of Alta Plaza Park with claw foot tub, hardwood floors, and free wireless internet that you can ship out of at any time with 30 days notice. Only catch is that the place is planning on turning co-op, so sometime in the next year or so residents might have to pack up and move on. The good news is you get at least four months notice before getting the boot. And really, when's the last time you stayed put for more than four months anyway? Large Studio on Park

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