Creativity Explored to Collaborate with Local Artists for 'Super Contemporary' Show


In Super Contemporary, Creativity Explored’s upcoming exhibit, such celebrated Bay Area artists as Sahar Khoury, Alicia McCarthy, Maysha Mohamedi, and Sarah Thibault collaborate with the nonprofit’s resident virtuosos to create dynamic modern works of art, with the intent to debunk preconceived notions about people with developmental disabilities.

Curator Jenny Sharaf explains that each pair, given the same general topic, approached their projects fearlessly. The vibrant, swirling piece seen above, Both Sides, Now, by Jenny Sharaf, accompanies the work below, an untitled piece by her partner, Eva Jun.

Director Amy Taub adds, “Art making is a wonderful way to communicate. It is deeper than words.”

The exhibit starts April 30 and runs through June 17 at Creativity Explored (3245 16th Street, San Francisco)

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