Cure Your Hangover with Menudo

Cure Your Hangover with Menudo


We’re all about the best hangover cures here at 7x7. With all the drinking that goes on in the Bay, you have to be properly equipped to get by the next day.  Pho, Bloody Marys, ramen; you name it, we’ve covered it. Next on our list is the rich, comforting Mexican soup, Menudo. Made from beef tripe and hominy, this spicy, flavorful soup distracts your mind and body from a hangover, while clearing out all that ails you. Below is our list of our favorite Menudos around town:

SANJALISCO: 901 S. Van Ness Ave. (pictured above)

This authentic Guadalajaran restaurant serves up an epic breakfast menu, including chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and chicharrones or chorizo with eggs. The Menudo is served only on weekends, and has a bright red, rich broth swarming with chili paste, tripe, and thick bones with remnants of meat on them. On the side comes a plate of red pepper flakes, Mexican oregano, and chopped onions to add as you please.

GALLARDOS: 2839 Mission St.

photo by Ed Uyeshima on Foodspotting

The Menudo at Gallardos comes with a generous side of cilantro, radishes, cabbage, oregano, chili flakes, onions, and homemade tortilla chips, so you can garnish your bowl to your taste. This bowl of Menudo is not for the novice: tripe and other offal are plentiful, so if you’re squeamish about organ meats, it may not be for you. But it’s precisely these rich meats that gives Menudo its unique flavor and will kick the hangover right out of you.

LOS PANCHOS: 3206 Mission St.

photo by Mary Ann B. on Yelp

Los Panchos is a favorite among locals. The friendly atmosphere and freshly made pupusas being pounded by women in the back make you feel like you’re in your Mexican grandma’s kitchen. Although primarily known for their pupusas, they also serve up a mean Menudo, with large portions of tripe, tendon, and pig foot. You can order a hearty bowl, or opt for a half bowl of Menudo with a side of pupusas, for a little something extra. This bowl is served with the usual red peppers, onions, and corn tortillas on the side.

CHAVA’S: 2839 Mission St.

With its large selection of delicious soups, it’s hard to stick with the Menudo at Chava’s. But no matter which soup you choose, you can be sure of great flavor, large portions, and comfort after a night out on the town.  This family-run joint even offers huge mimosas, the perfect start to any day.

TACUBAYA (Berkeley): 1788 4th St.

This Mexican spot in Berkeley serves up a Saturday and Sunday brunch complete with chilaquiles, tortas, sweet tamales, and churros. Their Menudo is made with a rich, chili-infused beef broth, with tripe and hominy. This popular menu item is smoky and bold–a bowl many people have called “fearless.”


photo by Cherylynn N. on Yelp

The Menudo at this Mission joint is well deservedly hyped. Simmered for hours with chili paste, tripe, trotters, and beef stomach meat, the bowl is served with a side of dried oregano, chili peppers, chopped onions, cilantro, and lime. They serve their soup all day (and night) long, so you can cure that hangover before it even hits. At $6.50 for a huge bowl, it’s possibly the best deal in town. 

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