Curry Up Now Parks In SF


Just because food shows up in a taco truck doesn't inherently mean that I'm going to get excited about it. (Case in point: I have yet to try out the frog legs from Spencer on the Go.) But if it's Indian food in a taco truck, you can bet I'll be there. (Or at least I'll send our intern there if I have too much writing to do like today.) Curry Up Now—which, until this week, has only been in Burlingame—just started parking in the Financial District at 225 Bush and Montgomery. Christina (said intern) dutifully waited in the long line and an hour later, valiantly returned, lunch in hand. Amongst a few things, we tried the lunch thali with a great (if maybe not completely braised) goat curry but even better yet was the kathi roll, made with roti, pickled onions, chutney, and chicken. I had to call up Peninsula-based Akash Kapoor, who runs Curry Up with his wife Rana, and get the story.

How did you get into the business of running a food truck?

I used to be in the mortgage business with Rana and when that ended, we started this. I don't have any food background. My wife and I are just foodies to the core. We haven't made any money yet, but it's the funnest job I've ever had. [He stops to speak to his daughter.] It's funny though, the first taco truck I ever ate at was actually ours. The idea for our truck came to me because we know people that are friends with the Kogi truck guy. I salute that guy. He's a pioneer.

You have kids then?

Three daughters. Two catering trucks. I also run a debt management company. I'm exhausted! We were up last night in our catering kitchen in Hunter's Point until 3 am and back up at 8 am to get the truck ready.

Where did you grow up?

Near Calcutta. But I went to boarding school in another town in India for most of my life.

Anything that someone has to try on your menu?

We have a different menu every day. I like our deconstructed samosa. But you can't take it back to work. You have to eat it right there or it gets all mushy. The Green Goan is great too. It's basically chicken vindaloo with saag paneer in a burrito.

How many people do you serve normally?

200 people in 90 minutes. It can get dangerous.

How often will you be in SF?

Six days a week, sometimes at night. We have a location that will be at 10 Washington and the Embarcadero. But we're securing spots in the Mission, in SoMa and hopefully the Marina.




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