Your future #vanlife could look like this.

Asking $78K, this custom Mercedes Sprinter van in the Oakland Hills is serious #vanlife goals


Ah, the open road...sounds glamorous, doesn't it? What with miles of endless pavement leading to nowhere but possibility and stretches of unhurried sky as far as the eye can see. If it weren't so romantic, there wouldn't be so many iconic books and songs about it right?

Well sure, life on the open road can be lovely. That is until you have to wash your face in a truck stop bathroom, cook your food over a camping stove in a Walmart parking lot, and sleep on the ground or on the hood of your car or in some seedy motel. But then again, Instagram makes #vanlife look so, well, Instagramable. So there must be a way to do it right. There is. Currently parked in the Oakland Hills, this 2017 Mercedes 2500 Sprinter van has everything you need to go off-grid in style.

From the exterior, a coat of slate gray paint allows this mama jama of a camper van (with a 144" wheel base) to fit quietly into any natural surrounding. Custom windows guarantee privacy from the outside and views for those within, and a sturdy ladder guarantees access to the roof deck for those aforementioned endless views. It's also got all the techie stuff you need—like fog lamps, solar panels, and tires to take you anywhere. And unlike your average vehicle, that roof is high enough that you can stand tall inside.

But what makes this house-on-wheels a proper home away from home is the interior, which has been customized from top to bottom by Oakland-based Matt Wages Design. Not only will you find modern necessities—LED lighting, WiFi capability, running water—there are also little flourishes to make design-loving hearts go pitter-patter. We're talking about a van!

Gorgeous enough to make any camper happy, Beverly Hills Wallpaper's trending Martinique Banana Leaf print pops from one interior wall of the van. The ceiling—handmade of natural and oiled California redwood—and open cane wicker siding on the pullout sofa/queen bed round out the tropical rainforest vibe.

About that bed: It's a custom-designed sofa that pulls out to double as a comfy sleep space for two, with a dual-layer six-inch mattress including two inches of contouring gel memory foam. In case you'd like to take those cushions out by the campfire, it's all upholstered in stain- and mildew-resistant indoor/outdoor fabric from Perennials' Rough 'n' Rowdy" collection.

Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you can't act like a civilized human: Hang up your clothes in the wardrobe made of hand-worked Baltic birch plywood and finished with low-VOC paint.

Speaking of civilization, there is also a fully functioning kitchen, of course, kitted out with a stainless steel refrigerator, freezer, food-grade fresh water storage, a built-in propane stove, and chic Quartzite countertops. A wall sconce doubles as a reading light or ambient glow for romantic dinners.


Location: Oakland Hills

Asking price: $78,000

// For more information, visit

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