“Dapper Boi” Aims To Give More Androgynous Women Jeans That Fit

“Dapper Boi” Aims To Give More Androgynous Women Jeans That Fit


Many people assigned female at birth aren’t comfortable in women’s jeans, but can’t easily wear pants designed for men. San Diego couple Charisse and Vicky Pasche are very familiar with the issue—so they created “Dapper Boi,” a clothing line aimed at the more androgynous woman. 

According to a press release shared with 429Magazine, “After countless months of research and design, the founders truly believe they have produced the perfect pair of jeans…[featuring] the details and the look from men’s jeans, while also providing a superior fit and comfort to fit a woman’s body.” 

Dapper Boi jeans also promise to retain their shape while still having a touch of elasticity by “leveraging the latest technical advancements in denim with the just the right amount of stretch,” accomplished by using denim made from 91 percent cotton, 7 percent polyester, and 2 percent Spandex.

One difference is in the length of the pants’ crotch: designed to be shorter than men’s jeans, but slightly longer than women’s jeans, and with a longer zipper to present a more masculine look.

Their intended first offering is a slim-straight style, in waist sizes 26-48 with a 34-inch inseam. Charisse Pasche told 429Magazine that the waistband is designed to lay just under the navel, but can also be worn around the hips “for that hipster/urban look.” As an added bonus, unlike the majority of women’s jeans, Dapper Boi offers deep pockets in both the front and back, including “a fully functional ‘coin pocket’ that fits the iPhone 6!” 

For anyone with an “hourglass” shape, finding pants that fit at both the hips and waist can be a nightmare, but Dapper Boi jeans has them covered. Pasche explains, “Vicky (my wife) wears a size 44 and has a booty and she looks fantastic in the jeans! She honestly looks like she’s lost 30 pounds compared to the men’s jeans she used to wear.”

They solved the issue of the dreaded back gap, also known as “lipping,” thanks to their choice of denim: because of the stretch technology, even their curvier testers found that the jeans fit “around the waist very nicely.” 

Overall, they describe Dapper Boi jeans as “SUPER comfy.” Even after an eight-hour drive in one pair, Vicky was amazed at how comfortable they were—Charisse says she was “just SO stoked!” 

Morgan Welch, originally published in 429 MagazineFor more original LGBT content, go to dot429.com

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