Dave Eggers Will Serve You Grilled Cheese


Back in college, my get-rich-quick scheme was a grilled cheese cart that I would pedal around to festival, Phish concerts and the like (this was back on the East coast and long before Burning Man had swept up free spirits across America). Little did I realize how prescient that scheme would be. It was based on very simple deductive reasoning: people like grilled cheese. A lot. They like it so much, in fact, that some savvy local Lit folks are using it to lure people to a book reading.

That's right. As the SF Weekly reported today, none other then Mr. Dave Eggers will be turning out the sammies, as part of a couple of McSweeney's events for author Bill Cotter (grilled cheese figures in his new book, Fever Chart). You can find Eggers and Cotter on February 17 at 7 p.m. at City Lights, then two nights later at Amnesia, where the sandwiches will be made by This American Life contributor Starlee Kine.


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