Dosa II: Yes! You Can Hear Your Date


The new Dosa on Fillmore officially opened last Monday. And while the first Dosa filled the South Indian niche, Dosa II has filled in some blanks of its own.

• It’s lured the ladies from upper Pac Heights to boldly venture to the scruffier side of lower Pac Heights (although not as scruffy as the South side of Geary). The night I was there more than one table was made up of solely of women, many with hairbands, bonding over cocktails and curry.

• It offers a pre-concert dinner for those headed to the Fillmore and a post-movie dinner for those spilling out of the Sundance Kabuki theater.

• It’s a home away from home for Nopa fans. Former bank building? Check. Huge and impressive windows? Check. Skyhigh ceilings? Check.

But what impressed me the most was the simple fact that I could hear myself think. Dosa’s high ceilings have been installed with acoustic tiles that, admittedly, aren’t the most attractive things (aesthetes, don’t look up), but despite the booming music and a full dining room, I found that I could talk without yelling. The art of conversation is back.

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