Drinks Are on the House with Hooch, a New Subscription Cocktail App

Drinks Are on the House with Hooch, a New Subscription Cocktail App


Scoring a daily drink for less than the cost of one post-work cocktail sounds too good to be true. Hooch, a new subscription-based cocktail app, gives you a drink everyday, with no shameless flirting required: That's 365 cocktails—where do we sign up?

Hooch launches Tuesday in 22 participating SF bars including the award-winning gin bar White Chapel, the Castro's Mrs. Jones, and Romper Room, a cocktail lounge in Union Square.

CEO and co-founder Lin Dai first launched Hooch in New York in November 2015, and then soon followed with an LA launch in January. In its first year, Hooch has grown to include 10 cities, including its first international destination, Hong Kong. Each of the would-be watering holes is vetted for high marks in the areas of service, cocktail selection, and bar-staff knowledge.

Here's how it works: A subscription costs $9.99/month and gets you one drink every night at one of the participating bars on the app. Typically a bar will offer three premium drinks (normally $14-20 each), and the idea is to try that new funky mezcal cocktail or celebrate with a pre-prohibition-inspired vermouth beverage. Drink options are rotated seasonally and five to 10 new venues are added each month ensuring that you always are on top of the craft-cocktail scene. For a limited time, Hooch members can even gift their friends with a drink so that no one is left out of happy hour. // Download here.

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