Drones Are Now Delivering Champagne to Sausalito Hotel Rooms


For Sausalito tourists who have no interest in visiting the shoreline or Copita, there's a novel new way to be entertained right from your hotel bed, and it's way better than a minibar. 

The Mansion at Casa Madrona, a Sausalito resort, has launched drone Champagne delivery for its fanciest guests. And we have to admit, it's hard to beat sipping some high-tech Champagne while admiring the resort's gorgeous views of the Richardson Bay and San Francisco skyine. 

For now, the remote-controlled, octo-copter drone service – which is custom built to hold two Champagne bottles – is limited to the Alexandrite Suite (which you can book for $10,000-per-night), but the hotel is in the process of building more machines to deliver cookies and other treats so us plebians can experience the fun, too.

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