Eat Out or Eat In: Six Unexpected Super Bowl Feasts


It's Super Bowl time. A time for discount beers, Super long advertisements, and a stomach-testing quantity of buffalo wings, potato skins, and homemade mystery dips. It's also a time when you'll find food deals in unexpected restaurants where business owners are hoping to tap into some of the day's money making potential. (Super Bowl sushi at Chaya, anyone?) Take a look at our rundown, including places to order take-out if you're watching the big game at home.

Jasper's Corner Tap (401 Taylor St. @ O'Farrell)

TV situation: Four large flat screen TVs at the bar

Deal: Jasper's always offers $2 fries, sliders and High Life on game day, but in honor of Super Bowl Sunday, they're adding a slew of $4 menu items: pulled pork sliders, mini corn dogs, and—yes—chicken wings. We're told Jasper's will also be offering special contests on site with prizes after every quarter. 

Chaya (132 The Embarcadero @ Mission)

TV situation: Two big screen 8' x 8' TVs set up in the bar area

Deal: $3 beers, $5 margaritas and a special menu of sushi and bar bites priced at $8 and under. Chaya will also give away gift cards, t-shirts and hats to raffle-winning fans after each quarter. 

The Taco Shop @ Underdogs (1824 Irving St. @ 19th)

TV situation: Six 50" and four 32" HD plasma flat screen TVs

Deal: $50 reserves your table for five people, including a bucket of Coors Light and a plate of nachos. For $100, you can reserve space for eight, including double the food and beer. 

For takeout:

1) The All American: Polk Street's new Square Meals/Batter Bakery shop is ramping up its Super Bowl menu with pretzels with cheddar beer dip, layered bean dip, bbq "pigs in a blanket," the omnipresent chicken wings and much more. The bonus here is a cadre of sweet treats like cookies with team logos, and desserts like brownies in mini bite sizes. Call 415-674-1069 to place an order

2) The Mexican Food Purist: The Mission's reigning tortilla king La Palma offers great prices on "Pachanga Trays" filled with Mexican party fare such as tamales, quesadillas, guacamole, chips and more—all of it's freshly made. Check out the options and ordering information right here.  

3) BBQ: We choose Sneaky's, which headlines with the pulled pork, concealing a cadre of secret weapon sides like corn bread, shells n' cheese, and baked beans. Since it's a special occasion and all, try not to miss the ridiculously rich Korobuta pork belly either. Call 415-431-4200 to place your order. 

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