Eater SF Gets A Redesign, Names "Essential" SF Restaurants


There won't be our usual "Eater wrap" posted today because our friends over at HQ has been busy redesigning their website—you can click over there and check out the new features, look for a job in the food industry (unpaid office internship at Momofuku, anyone?), and—in an early Chicago-esque Olympic bid to gain attention by pulling out the big guns (Oprah, Obama)—view their list of 38 Essential San Francisco restaurants. What makes an essential restaurant? Eater editor describes it as a list of places that "shape and embody the city in various ways." Why are there 38 of them? Don't ask us. Some of the picks we give the big 7x7 thumbs-up to, while others leave us scratching out heads. But then, of course, there are plenty of places that embody our city's spirit that we would really never like to set foot it. So there's that.

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