EcoMom Alliance with Robin Wright Penn


Actress and Marin resident Robin Wright Penn hosted an event honoring nonprofit EcoMom Alliance, an organization that "inspires and empowers mothers to help create an environmentally, socially and economically prosperous and healthy future for all." Held in the green living showroom of Green Fusion Design Center, this was a pre-party for another event to be held in SF on Nov. 29 at Flora Grubb Nursery.

Liz Held_Diana Parker Brando & _Julie Cullinane Smith Robin Wright Penn_Kimberly Pinkson
Liz Held, Diana Parker              Brandon & Julie Cullinane Smith  Robin W. P., Kimberly Pinkson

Steve Held_Heather Basso Joshua & Josephine Cooper Odessa Schneider_Penelope More
Steve Held, Heather Basso       Joshua & Josephine Cooper   Odessa Schneider, Penelope More

Granville_Cusick_Goddard Chrise DeTournay Birkhahn_Diana Stobo
Katherine Granville, Alex Cusick, Rene Goddard         Chrise DeTournay Birkhahn, Diana Stobo

Penn_Stobo_Friedman Paula Coven_Dee Marie Rawlinson
Robin Wright Penn, Diana S., Christina Friedman               Paula Coven, Dee Marie Rawlinson

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