Escape From SF: Anthony Chabot Regional Park


For this week's Escape from SF, we head to nearby Anthony Chabot Park. Just 20 minutes outside of Oakland, the 5,067-acre park offers year-round camping and miles upon miles of hiking and riding trails (horses and bikes).

When we visited there was, much to our delight, no one around. A few campers here and there. The weather was warm and all sorts of plants were in bloom. It was, as Bjork might whisper, oh so quiet. We even saw a fox and, of course, the mandatory wild turkeys roaming around. 

Anthony Chabot Park has two campgrounds: Two Rock, a group campoing site, and the main site for individual and family camping. These site are set in the grasslands, chaparral, and eucalyptus groves, and have access to stretches along the shores of Lake Chabot. 

Offering just about every sort of camping accomodation, the campground allows for RVs, trailers, and tents. The area also has hike-in sites, hot showers, campfires, and even an amphitheater. 

For additional details, and to book a camp spot, check out the site

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