Escape From SF: Black Sand Beach

Escape From SF: Black Sand Beach


This week we escaped San Francisco to a sandy oasis tucked into the Marin Headlands: Black Sand Beach. A quick and private getaway from the City, you can see nudists mingle with fishermen. The ideal haven for overworked city dweller.

Black Sand Beach seems to be two different beaches during low and high tides. At low tide there are several spots where you can boulder around on the exposed rocks; at high tide the area looks cozy. Also of note: the "No Dogs" sign wasn't strict doctrine judging my all the happy canines we spotted frolicking about the sand.

To get there, head to Hawk Hill in the headlands and then keep going past the long steep one-way hill. As it flattens out, turn left at the "Upper Fisherman" turnout with a bathroom. A very long staircase drops you down the beach. Parking is limited. 

Enjoy the photos and visit this beautiful gem before summer turns into fall.  

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