Extra, Extra! McSweeney's Honors the Newspaper


Dave Eggers and the awesome folks at McSweeney's have spent the last five months realizing their vision of the 21st Century newspaper in The San Francisco Panorama. McSweeney's brought together over 150 writers, artists, and photographers, including Art Spiegelman and Chris Ware, to create a piece of art that's part newspaper, part magazine, and everything about print we'd miss if it went away for good. The Panorama is available for pre-order now in the McSweeney's Store and goes on sale next Tuesday, December 8 in San Francisco for $5 ($16 after Tuesday). The details are fuzzy on exactly where you can get it—"in stores, on the street, or straight from us"—but since McSweeney's lives at 826 Valencia, that's a good place to start hunting.

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