Feather & Tinsel Hair Extensions


Women get bored of their hair. That's just a fact. Sometimes chopping or dyeing it can yield to disastrous results, so try spicing up your tresses with feathers and tinsel extensions, courtesy of the hair wizards at Oxenrose Salon in Hayes Valley. The feathers-in-the-hair look really blew up in 2010, as seen at summer music festivals all over the West Coast.

Get your bohemian princess look on with their rainbow array of feathers (pheasant, peacock, parrot, etc.), which they weave right into your hair. You can even wash, curl, straighten or blow dry the feathers. They only take about a half an hour to secure to your locks, and they last about a month.

If you want a more flossy look, go for strands of gold tinsel to brighten up your 'do, perfect amongst all the sparkly Christmas lights. Oxenrose is only offering tinsel extensions for the holiday season, so get them while they're hot.

What do you think, ladies?

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