File Under Awesome: You May Now View Smartphone Media in 3D Hologram


While it has never occured to us to want to view our iPhone in 3D, there is, apparently, a huge demand for such things. Enter Holus, a Vancouver-based company that will soon begin shipping a device to convert any media on your phone into a fully interactive 3D hologram, thanks to its still-ongoing Kickstarter campaign that's totally crushing it.

With less than one day to go on Kicstarter, Holus has been funded to the tune of over $236,000—its $40,000 goal was met in the first 20 minutes.

So what is it? Well for starters, you can say goodbye to those silly 3D glasses. Holus' tabletop platform, which looks a bit like the pyramid at the Louvre stuffed into a pet carrier, projects smartphone media from below for an image that can be viewed from 360 degrees for a “real life experience.” You'll be able to watch movies, play Candy Crush, and collaborate on work 3D! your living room! Available in Pro and Home editions depending upon your needs, Holus connects to your phone with both USB and HDMI ports. 

While it sounds like simple fun and games, the founders of Holus believe this may be the beginning of the Holographic Era as well as of the Social Computing Era, wherein our phones will totally control our lives have the ability to connect users with each other, to interact with digital content, in the realm of physical space. 

Early adopters expect to receive their units as soon as mid-2016, but Holus has already been demoed at a number of tech conferences; one room-sized version has even been installed at the Ronald McDonald House in British Columbia. 

Holus will retail for $850, but can be yours for less with a $550 pledge on Kickstarter

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