First Friday: Stay in the City!


It appears that there's nothing new at First Friday's Art Walk in Oakland this month, Johansson Projects and Rock! Paper! Scissors! are showing the same exhibits as last month, but the scene that night was so mobbed. Maybe you want to try again without the jostling in airless, crowded rooms and check out Flaming Furbelows and Heroes and Villains at their respective galleries.

If it's anything like last time, there will be vegan cheesecake vendors, impromptu performance art and artists galore setting up shop in the side street between the two blocks of art spaces and eateries that make up the bulk of the monthly Art Murmur.

Since the East Bay is a repeat, you might as well stay in the city on Friday and check out Unhinged, the CCA Furniture Program Senior Show at Mina Dresden Gallery(312 Valencia Street @14th).

The recent works of graduating BFA furniture design students Bobby Brinton, Layla Burke, Liz Koerner, Willem-Evett Miller, Lauren Scott, and Jeff Weathers will be featured. Some of these artists have already attracted industry attention for their innovative pieces.

Then, why not wander a couple blocks uphill to Rare Device for Out of the Woods: Work by Rachel Denny. Denny is best known for her "Domestic Trophies" work—deer heads covered in cozy cashmere cable knit woolens and the like. She has shown in countless prominent galleries nationwide for over 10 years, predominantly at Mark Woolley Gallery in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Her installation at Rare Device will feature several of her animal sculptures.


If you're still feeling the art fever, check these Suggestions for an Arty Saturday for how to get your toy-glue-and-cookies fix and the über-cool group show to hit on May 2.

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