Four Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Travelers


With Christmas just days away, we're down to the wire as malls, department stores, and boutique shops are full to the brim yet again with last-minute shoppers. If you're like us, you may still be lacking a gift or two for people on your list. For those travelers on your holiday shopping list, we've put together this round up of a few last-minute gift ideas.

1. Incase luggage. Yes, that Incase, as in the one that makes cases for Apple products. Incase is one of the most recognizable brands for protecting Apple hardware, and now you can find them bringing their technology to luggage. Their new EO Travel Collection consists of several different pieces of luggage, including a couple different roller bags, backpack, and duffel bag, aimed at the tech-savvy traveler with padded compartments in each bag.

2. Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger. You may be thinking to yourself, "No, not another travel charger." However, this isn't your usual travel charger. The Mushroom GreenZero charger automatically shuts off when it reaches full power in order to eliminate wasteful consumption that often happens when charging electronics for long periods of time, such as overnight. 

3. ‘Where I’ve Been’ scratch map. Where was this when my family and I were doing our cross-country road trip when I was a kid? Put this world map up on your wall for the first time and there's nothing extraordinary about it–that is, until you start scratching off countries that you've visited, making it somewhat of a multi-colored interactive map. 

4. iPhone Scuba Suit. Becase you never know when you'll want to take some photos from the jacuzzi, or better yet, while scuba diving. The iPhone Scuba Suit is just that–a suit for your iPhone so you can take photos while snorkeling and scuba diving. We just don't recommend taking it along for a shipwreck dive on the ocean floor, because the scuba suit is waterproof up to 15 feet.

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