Friends of the Urban Forest Soiree at Greens


On Sunday, April 27 the Friends of the Urban Forest celebrated their tremendous success as local environmental advocates with an eco-centric bash at Greens Restaurant at Fort Mason. The event featured delectable vegetarian faire, courtesy of executive chef Annie Somerville and an acoustic performance by local musician Chris Clouse.

Jason Oronzi, Mireille Schwartz

Damion Matthews, Jason Oronzi

Chris Clouse

Sergey Sharapov, Clara Shayevich, Cameron Noble

Christopher Bently, Amber Marie Bently

Craig Lipton, Christopher Bently, Jason Oronzi, Cameron Noble

Christina Cruz, Cassidy Wollenberg

Renee Schwartz, Andrew Schwartz

Joyce Wong, Christie Scortes, Tracy Tiernan

Heather Ellison, Larry Rose

Joel Goodrich, Justin Fichelson

Phil Ting, Kelly Quirke

Mireille Schwartz, Ryan Teller

Amelia Levy, Gina Originiario

Cassandra Richardson, Monica Maduro, Mick Johnson, Glenn McCoy 

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