From "Bullhead" to "Stoner Witch," The Melvins Play Their Best Albums @ Great American Music Hall This May


While there's nothing like the kind of live show you couldn't predict even with a crystal ball, there's still something intensely satisfying about watching a band dig out its best album and play the whole thing exactly like the day it first blew your mind. In that vein, two of the best shows all year are coming up in May, when the walls of Great American Music Hall will shake from the thunderous booms of one of the greatest sludge metal bands ever, The Melvins. They'll be answering the prayers of hundreds of fans who've long hoped these aging (but badass as ever) musicians would resurrect quintessential albums in their entirety onstage and revisit some of the most gleefully dark moments they've ever committed to tape.

Kicking the rumblefest off on May 16 are the early 90s gems Houdini, the Eggnog EP, and Lysol (this'll be an intense triple-header, so plan accordingly), while May 17's album exposé includes two of my personal favorites, Bullhead and Stoner Witch. And you won't have to worry that these dudes will deliver a lackadaisical performance dredging up these decades-old releases. The Melvins attack each show like its their first ever, with a perfect balance of attention to sound and detail and a "love us or hate us, we don't really care" attitude––a huge reason why they're one of the most respected bands on the scene today.

The Melvins perform May 16 & 17 at Great American Music Hall, 859 O'Farrell St., 415-885-0750. Both shows start at 9 pm. Tickets for May 16 here, for May 17 here.

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