Game On: Peter Getty Responds to Blog Blather



Well, sweetie? It looks like our summer blog reading just jumped up a notch on the sizzle scale.

This morning, frère Peter Getty eloquently responds to both SFist Editor Brock Keeling and SFAppeal founder-editor Eve Batey regarding the initial decision by one of the Brothers Getty to not allow public comment on their City Brights blog.

Confused? Get up to speed here. Or here with Beth Spotswood. And her grandmother.

Even better? Each email Peter wrote was (for the most part) a unique response to each blogger. With the additional cherry-on-top of cleverly-crafted bon mots. Like this one to Eve:

“It was an error [re the “no comments” allowed ] made by a novice given some very bad advice, not proof of our decadence and your moral superiority to us. Sorry.”

OK? Love it!

Anyhoo, Peter’s response (and seriously? Props to him for boldly diving in this fray) lays rest to any “furor” generated by the (initial) inability of the unwashed public to comment on their blog:

“The decision to disable comments on our first post was terrible, and I was unaware of it until it went up. Someone at sfgate recommended it to Billy, who was entirely new to blogging, and he consented without consulting me. It remains the one and only thing I regret about our blog thus far. Comments will appear on all our future posts, and I welcome them.”

Even Brock (in his churlish disdain for the bold-faced-and-beautiful that is mixed with a dollop of OMG, Getta Load of This delight) admits, This is going to be fun:

“Without the Gettys and their provincial fame, San Francisco would be Portland 2.0. And we wouldn't have Vanessa (Getty). Also, the world would be worse off without a cat lover. So, you know, there's that.”

Yup, Brock -- we all adore Vanessa. She makes it so easy. But you know what? Without pulling too much of an inverse on the Sen. Lloyd Bentsen bold-faced invocation, we can personally say that Peter Getty and Billy Getty are pretty damn cool, too: bright, cultured, well-versed, funny. And, as of this morning, we now know -- ironically articulate with just the right dash of droll.

Brothers Getty? Welcome to the dollhouse!

P.S. Excloo: Check out more of the musings of Peter Getty on his mog blog.


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