Get Nutty for These Non-Dairy Milks

Get Nutty for These Non-Dairy Milks


Tired of soymilk? Wondering if there’s a better almond milk than the one you’re drinking out of a box that’s full of additives? We've got news for you: There is! Maybe you’re lactose intolerant, or vegan, or you just want a change-up from the usual milk in your cereal or coconut water in your smoothie. If you’ve looked on the shelves of your local specialty grocery store lately, you’ll find an explosion of different nut milks available — here are some of our favorite finds.

Coconut-Almond Milk by Milkman

You ready to have the almond milk you’re currently drinking completely ruined? Because with one taste of the young coconut and raw almond milk by Milkman, it’s all you’ll want on your granola from now on. It’s a special product, one that is very quenching and creamy (it has incredible body to it). And best of all, you can actually have it delivered to your door freshly made on Thursdays—and let’s just say the Milkman is easy on the eyes, yessiree. (Insert your favorite milkman joke here). And the milk is so damn good you’ll quickly make excuses about why you should have a weekly delivery (a 32 oz. bottle is $12, plus a $2 glass bottle deposit and $2 delivery fee). Or you can saunter on over to Bi-Rite Market, which just started carrying it for $12.99.

Pistachio Milk by Three Trees

Anyone who loves pistachio ice cream is going to go nuts for this milk. How often do you get to drink pistachio milk? Exactly. It’s very flavorful, so it works well as a stand alone drink. For those who like a sweeter milk, this should work well for your palate (it has almond and vanilla extract in it too). The company is based in San Mateo and has a full line of nut milks, like cashew and almond in a variety of flavors. You can find the pistachio (in a 16 oz. bottle) at Bi-Rite Market ($9.99), Rainbow Grocery ($9.99), and on Good Eggs ($9.50).

Nuts A + B by Forager Project

This San Francisco–based company was founded by some Odwalla folks, and maybe you’ve seen their extensive line of raw and organic juices peering at you from the shelves of Whole Foods. Two additions to the line are their nut drinks: Nuts A is a vanilla nut milk flavor, with almonds, cashews, and gluten-free oats, while Nuts B has the addition of cold-brewed coffee and cacao (zip zip!). While the texture of both is a bit chalky, they are also a richer and more-filling drink (and I like that they aren’t sugary either). I would use Nuts A for a smoothie, and the caffeinated Nuts B is an ideal afternoon pick-me-up (especially good with a banana blended in)—it would also be perfect before a morning workout. (16 oz. bottle; $6.99 at Bi-Rite Market, $6.49 at Rainbow Grocery, $6.99 at Whole Foods Market.)

Peanut Milk at KK Cafe

If you wander by this tiny burger shop on Divisadero (open for 23 years and counting!), you’ll see all kinds of signs in the window trumpeting the health benefits of drinking peanut milk. The couple who run KK, Jack and Margaret Chang (read more about their story in this article), have believed in the healing powers of peanut milk for years – they started selling it in 1999, and have created quite a micro-business (and following) out of their passion for peanut milk. It’s dairy-free, and definitely a major steal for just $2.50 for a 16 oz. bottle. It’s built for smoothies (strawberry and banana for the win), made fresh daily, and keeps for a week. Or you can get one of their three smoothies at the cafe if you’re on the run. 252 Divisadero St.

Vanilla or Chocolate Moose by Happy Moose Juice

This SF-based company has a couple almond nut milks in their lineup, the Vanilla Moose (with almonds, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt) and the Chocolate Moose (almonds, dates, cacao). The level of sweetness and creaminess is just right, so you could try steaming them up for your cappuccino or mocha, or just chug them straight from the glass bottle. You can pick these nut milks up along with other fruit and vegetable juices at Range (842 Valencia St.), and they just started selling out of Two Sisters Bar and Books (579 Hayes St.) in Hayes Valley, at both places from Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. (17.5 oz. bottle; $10, plus $2 glass bottle deposit.)


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