Get Your Poem on a Poem Wine Cork (And Win a Case of Wine)

Get Your Poem on a Poem Wine Cork (And Win a Case of Wine)


While Poem Cellars keeps things exciting by frequently changing names and blends, you can always count on their wines being big, red, and in short supply. And now the men behind these tasty wines are spicing things up yet again with a challenge for their enthusiasts (it involves a prize)...

You may have noticed that each of Poem's corks has a short poem, limerick or haiku printed on it. They're now opening it up for your poetic waxings for their upcoming 2009 bottling. If you win, your poem will be printed on their corks and you’ll receive one of the cases of wine that features your poetry (hello, bragging rights at dinner parties!) And to make it even more enticing, you’ll also get a barrel tasting for 4 if you mention 7x7 with your submission.

A few examples:

From a cork:

A delightful crime

The bounty of earth and time

Today it’s all mine


From me:

Red, stained lips

Nervous fingertips…

Has she been drinking my wine?”

So pop a cork and grab a your pen! The deadline is February 5th Click here for details and submission. 

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