Get Your Sweat on During "Pilates on Crack" at CORE40

Get Your Sweat on During "Pilates on Crack" at CORE40


CORE40 serves up an intense full-body workout utilizing the Megaformer and Lagree Method. If you survive the first class, you'll be hooked!

“You don't need more time, just more intensity,” Madison Ford, CORE40 Regional Studio manager explains. “The 40-minute workout began out of necessity for busy cities like San Francisco." 

The Megaformer or “M3” looks just as intimidating as it sounds. Loaded with springs, resistance bands, rotating handles, and lots of other gears, the Megaformer allows you to seamlessly progress though a variety of exercises with little reprieve.  At times I thought I was hallucinating when I would hear our instructor tee up the next set. Sure, the “Plank to Pike” is pretty self explanatory, and you likely can guess what an “Elevator Lunge,” “Mega Chest Fly,” and “Skater” would entail, but what about “Scrambled Eggs” and “French Twist?” Hint: they won’t be found on the menu during a boozy brunch at Foreign Cinema.

“Be patient with yourself and try a Foundation Class first,” Madison suggests for all of us newbies. Patience is important as many of the moves are quite challenging and the class moves quickly, so familiarity with the vocabulary is helpful. While the Megaformer does not provide much room to cheat, thankfully the instructors offer up modifications throughout class. For patrons needing additional challenges, the springs can always be adjusted to meet every fitness level.

CORE40 boasts a workout designed to utilize over 600 muscles to increase strength, balance, agility and flexibility, and while you will feel the burn everywhere, it truly targets it’s namesake: the core! (There is a lot of shaking and sweating!) With a first class rate of $10 and three studio locations in SoMa, Nob Hill, Lower Pac Heights and a fourth on the way in August, there is little excuse to delay an introduction to the Megaformer!

CORE40 Studios are Located at 1390 Larkin Street, 884 Folson Street and 1807 Divisidero Street. New student rate begins at $10 for your first class with discounted series and monthly packages available. CORE40 also offers Corecycle and Combo classes.


  • Wear tight clothing for optimal movement around the Megaformer
  • Towels are provided and suggested!
  • Bring water and if you sweat a lot, grip socks can be helpful. 
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