Girls: SF Locals Gaining Speed


Girls, a local SF lo-fi garage group consisting of a rotating repertoire of 14 or more artists, have been dominating the underground hazy grunge scene for a while with their laid-back style and California demeanor. Call it the new home-grown Beach Boys era, if you will. They've been featured on high-profile blogs such as The Cool Hunter, and are gaining fast press with their forthcoming release for Album, a decidedly simple and straightforward representation of California tales and antics that only true San Franciscans could convey. Starting Monday, September 14th, you can access a high-quality stream of Album here (legally, of course). If you're interested in supporting a band that defines SF roots, then check out their free early record release show at Amoeba on September 15th before they hop on an insane tour around the world until late October. To pre-order Album, click here.

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