Gone Fishin’ Beaches – See You in July


Best of Hookers Reel 2007-2008

Greetings* earth people … the Dude is not in.* Where is he? Not sure, a privacy clause in his contract prohibits us from asking but we’re laying bets. 

A)    MRF’s gone fishing.
B)    MRF’s finishing his pilot script for his TV series.
C)    MRF’s building a state-of-the-art Iron Suit to battle terrorists.
D)    MRF’ digging through Peruvian tombs in search of Conquistador mummies.

The Wackness; courtesy of Sony Picture Classics

Hmmm, we’re thinking all of the above. While he’s gone, don’t fret. In honor of 7x7’s Best Of issue, MRF has left us with a batch of the Best Of Hookers Reel for all you suckers who don’t have him bookmarked yet. And tune in every Thursday in June to learn more about MRF’s favorite summer movies of all time.

And … scene. To quote Poppa H, time to make like Mickey Rooney and blow, until next time stay free my fellow Americans, this is MRF signing off, be bad and get into trouble baby …*

The Wackness; courtesy of Sony Picture Classics

Summer Films Probably Not Ruined By the MPAA
•    The Foot Fist Way – Dir. Hill
•    Pineapple Express – Dir. Green
•    Choke – Dir. Gregg
•    Towelhead – Dir. Ball
•    The Wackness – Dir. Levine
•    Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Dir. Allen

Volume 67 Footnotes
•    “Greetings and salutations.” – Heathers (1991): Christian Slater doing his best Nicholson impersonation to a monacle-lovin’ Winona Ryder. 
•     “Let’s get into trouble baby.” – Tapeheads (1988): Soul Train host Don Cornelius (as Hollywood Producer Mo Fuzz) breaks it down to upstart filmmakers Tim Robbins and John Cusack

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