The iconic Tosca Cafe has reopened for takeout only. (Courtesy of @gavinplumley)

Only the Good News: Tosca Cafe reopens for takeout, Newsom announces mortgage payment grace period + more Bay Area stories


There's a lot of bad news out there. Here are some headlines, quirky videos, and inspiring stories to brighten your day.

Video: San Francisco Man Sends Pal a Roll of Toilet Paper Via Drone, SFist

Seriously, only in SF. Read more.

Gov. Newsom announces 90-day California mortgage payment grace period, San Francisco Chronicle

Major lenders Wells Fargo, Citibank, JP Morgan, and US Bank are on board to cut homeowners a break for the next few months. Read more.

That's Some Timing: SF's Iconic Tosca Cafe Has Just Reopened, Eater SF

While you can't yet imbibe inside the Ken Fulk–revamped interior, you can order food by chef Nancy Oakes (Boulevard) and bottles of wine for takeout at $24 per person. Read more.

The Brave Nurse Who Fought Infectious Diseases in San Francisco and WWI, KQED

Need a bit of historical perspective and inspiration? We love this installment of KQED's "Rebel Girls From Bay Area History" about Elizabeth Ashe, a nurse who worked to fight disease, lower infant mortality, and had the "ability to always find beauty, even in the midst of war and destruction." Read more.

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