Green Apple Books Debuts Their Google eBooks Program at a "Technology Petting Zoo"

Green Apple Books Debuts Their Google eBooks Program at a "Technology Petting Zoo"


Sometimes it's scary to ponder the fact that, at least on, eBooks surpassed the sales of physical books this year. Not to mention how many people I notice staring down at their ereaders on the way to work. But San Francisco, as always, is a city full of dichotomies, where the newest waves of technology and innovation clash with tradition all the time. Thankfully, there's a white-bright ray of light for independent bookstore-rich city: Green Apple Books, always fighting the noble fight for bookworms, recently discovered that it could sell Google eBooks to its loyal customers who might be gravitating towards tablets and reluctantly leaving their beloved neighborhood bookstore behind.

They want everyone to drop by the shop's Granny Smith Room next Wednesday, June 8th for their "Technology Petting Zoo" event with the folks from Google, where they'll teach customers how to buy eBooks and use ereaders. If you've gone all digital but have a friend who loves wandering the aisles of bookstores (or vice versa) bring them along to support the valiant efforts of Green Apple. The event goes from 5 - 8pm and there will be refreshments!

For Green Apple's cute take on how to get started with eBooks, watch the video below:

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