Halloween How-To: Josey Baker as Flower Beard [Video]


Even with a bouquet’s worth of flowers tucked into his beard (a ticklish and no doubt allergy-provoking circumstance), the unflappable Josey Baker, owner of Josey Baker Bread, maintained his robust sense of humor. The flower-beard fad took off in early July, when dudes seeking their own cheeky version of the trendy flower crown began posing for Instagram selfies with posies in their facial hair. While his efflorescent look was easy to forage for (check out the San Francisco Flower Mart for a vibrant selection), Baker’s short beard needed some girth to get started. For instant thickness, Consuelo Lopez attached a fake beard of real and synthetic hair using a few dabs of Pros-Aide. Proclaiming the flower beard as one of his all-time favorite Halloween costumes, Baker, whose book, Josey Baker Bread (Chronicle), launched this spring, says his hippie transformation emphasized his own never-ending quest for peace. “What can I say? Flowers are wardrobe essentials for free spirits.” 

WATCH THE HOW-TO VIDEO by Maggie Winterfeldt

Halloween How-To: Josey Baker as Flower Beard from 7x7 on Vimeo.



What You'll Need:

Kryolan hand-knotted lace beard made of real hair 

Kryolan Pros-Aide Adhesive

Cotton Swab

Paint Brush


  1. Clean skin with an astringent to rid it of any oils.
  2. Fit the beard to your face.
  3. Hold the beard in position with one hand as you use a cotton swab or paint brush to apply Kryolan Pros-Aide with the other.
  4. Let the glue get tacky and then attach the beard.
  5. Comb out the beard so it blends naturally with your face.



What You'll Need:

Seafoam Statice and Balloon Flowers


Rubber Cement

  1. Trim the flower stems so that they are short enough to slip easily through the beard.
  2. Coat the stems with rubber cement for a stronger bond.
  3. Place the flowers artfully in the facial hair to create a full beard bouquet.

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