Halloween Makeup How-To: Alexis Traina as Maleficent [Video]

Halloween Makeup How-To: Alexis Traina as Maleficent [Video]


When we asked Alexis Traina, proprietor of Modern House Wines, makers of impossibly hip California vintages, if she'd let us transform her into Angelina Jolie's Maleficent, she replied, “Why not? We both like black clothes and headgear!"

Although the character's ghostly skin and siren-red lips are easy to achieve with MAC's white acrylic paint and a swipe of Ruby Woo lipstick, the glass-cutting cheekbones and twisty black horns were perplexities. Makeup artist Consuelo Lopez applied a pair of chiseled prosthetics to Traina's face with Pros-Aide (“You can buy the same cheek prosthetics at Kryolan in SoMa," says Lopez), while designer Melissa Fleis and prop stylist Mark Welsh fashioned a wicked turban from scrap leather and a pair of antelope horns. Traina, who snapped selfies during her metamorphosis into the movie's Mistress of All Evil, says, “I just summoned all my moxie and went with it."

WATCH THE HOW-TO VIDEO by Maggie Winterfeldt:


What You'll Need:

Chloe Sens' foam latex cheekbone prosthetics (can be purchased for $60 at chloesensfx.com)

Kryolan Pros-Aide Adhesive

Kryolan Pros-Aide Creme

Cotton Swab

Translucent Powder

  1. Clean the surface of your skin with an astringent to remove excels oils.
  2. Fit the prosthetics on your cheeks.
  3. Hold a prosthetic in place with one hand while you use a cotton swab to brush Pros-Aide Adhesive onto it with the other.
  4. Allow the adhesive to dry anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute in order to get tacky before attaching it to the skin. (Pros-Aide should turn clear just before application.)
  5. Once the prosthetic is adhered to the skin, use Pros-Aide Cream to seal and smooth out the edges so it blends naturally.
  6. Paint a final coat of Pros-Aide adhesive over the entire prosthetic.
  7. Once the adhesive has dried, dust lightly with translucent powder.


What You'll Need:

MAC Acrylic Paint in Pure White

MAC Micronized Airbrush Formula in NC 10

MAC Pro Performance Sponge

Small Makeup Brush

  1. Mix MAC Acrylic Paint in Pure White and MAC Micronized Airbrush Formula in NC 10 to create Maleficent's pale base.
  2. Use the MAC Pro Performance Sponge to apply the base to the surface of the face.
  3. Fill in small and delicate areas with base using a makeup brush.


What You'll Need:

Tinted Brow Gel

MAC Fluidline Eyeliner in Dipdown

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush

MAC Eye Shadow in Silver Ring

Soft contour eyeshadow brush

MAC Fluidline Eyeliner in Blacktrack or Mac Liquidlast Liner

False Lashes


  1. Brush on a tinted brow gel to darken and fill in the eyebrows.
  2. Use a brown cream liner and an angle brush to sharpen the brow shape, snapping out at the outside edge.
  3. Encapsulate the entire eye with MAC Eye Shadow in Silver Ring, a stony grey-brown shadow.
  4. Thickly line the upper lid in MAC Fluidline Eyeliner in Blacktrack or, for all-night staying power, Mac Liquidlast Liner.
  5. Add an extra touch of glam to the eyes with a set of false lashes and coat of mascara.


What You'll Need:

MAC Lipmix

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

  1. Apply a mix of MAC Lipmix and MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo until you get the perfect Maleficent cherry red.


This article was published in 7x7's October 2014 issue.

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