Heartbreaker: Luke Rathbone Plays Hotel Utah


A young man on the rise - that’s Luke Rathbone. The 21-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., songwriter will soon be joining his chum Devendra Banhart on the road (he fielded a sweet array of props from guest editor Banhart in a recent edition of Magnet) and is looking forward to the release of his debut, Hello Dark Prince.

The recording finds the charismatic song-slinger doing as Antony would and fronting the Johnsons to tremulous, slo-fi, almost heart-wrenching effect: Rathbone’s “I Can Be One” from a recently released EP snips a blossom from Antony’s poignant falsetto crown. You’ll get a chance to see him here first, Tuesday, Dec. 1, at the intimate Hotel Utah, before he appears at Largo in LA.

Luke Rathbone performs Tuesday, Dec. 1, 8 p.m., at Hotel Utah, 500 Fourth St., SF. Lindsey Ray and Ryan Calhoun open. $8. (415) 546-6300.

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