<i>7x7</i>'s Best of the City Party, Part 1 of 2


On Friday, June 13, guests enjoyed 7x7's picks for the Best of San Francisco at a lavish party held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Union Square. Partygoers were treated to nibbles, cocktails and services featured in the Best of issue as well as music courtesy of Dj Oro and Disco Shawn of hip club night Tormenta Tropical.

Will Wick, Margaret Mitchell

Andrew Freeman, Joel Costa

Kate Johnson, Austin Whittaker

Keely Romano, Eric Jingles

Johannah Goldstein, Jaime Law

Will Wick, Becca Malkin, Heidi Pettit

Lily Majlessi, Marnie O'Donnell, Natalie Nelson

Kia Tahai, Veronica Olloqui, Chuck Ursa

Hillary Widiltz, Lauren Nicola

Patrick Breitenbach, Kattya Breitenbach

Jim Wojtak, Susan Person

Oleg Nakonechny, Lee Gregory, Glenn McCoy, Craig Lipton

Amy Whitney, Andy Krikorian, Heidi Mulhern, Eddie Schoenbein

Nicole Grant, Natalie Gieck

Stephanie Felo, Lynn Geyer, Suzanne Gregg

Chad Ammon, Mark Evans

Ilana Diamond, Julia Cosgrove

Diana Gil-Osorio, Keelin Czellecz, Sarah Logan

Genevieve Herrera, Darren Lacy

Steven Speach, Lor Speach

Andrew Rabbitt, Ella Rollandi, Daniel LaPrevotte

Performance by Asia SF

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