<i>7x7 Magazine</i> and Eco Fabulous’ Earth Day Benefit for <i>Healthy Child Healthy World</i> Part 1 of 2


On Thursday, April 23 7x7 Magazine, Eco Fabulous, Veev and Heart of Green co-sponsored the Earth Day Benefit for Healthy Child Healthy World, a resource guide that promotes toxic-free living. The event, which was presented by Zem Joaquin, featured an Earth Day stroll that included a Linda Loudermilk trunk show at Eco-Citizen, a book signing, hors d’ouevres and cocktails at Spring and an eco-centric silent auction.

Part 1 of 2

Charlotte Bell, Laura Mahaffy

Heather Koenitzer

James Joaquin, Hooman, Nick Graham

Christopher Gavigan, Anthony Gilmore

James Joaquin, Hooman, Nick Graham

Hooman, Nick Graham

Mark Dwight, Anthony Gillmore, Christopher Gavigan

Linda Loudermilk

Sibylle Jenni, Linda Loudermilk, Julie Duburque

Yetunde Schuhmann, Linda Loudermilk, Alix McVay

Sibylle Jenni, Julie Duburque

Joel Goodrich, Anthony Gilmore

Zem Joaquin

Christopher Gavigan

Linda Loudermilk, Zem Joaquin

Joey Cannata, Courtney Reum

Kristina Sears, Anh Oppenheimer

Nadine Weil, Darren Bouton

Mark Dwight, Zem Joaquin

Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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