If You Don't Know, Now You Know (About Twerking)


This is the story of three self-described "nerds" from LA who came to San Francisco to live for the summer (why would you trade a LA summer for a SF one, exactly?), made a prank video featuring three East Bay vixens learned in the artform known as twerking, and achieved internet sensation status.

In the video, Dollface, Cherry Red, and Tastee invade several heavily populated city locales (including a packed BART car and the Westfield Mall food court) and gleefully twerk all over the place, pedestrians and alarmed bystanders be damned. They even get down to a group of Chinese mandolin players, which colors me impressed–I can only drop similar moves when this song is on. Perhaps the moral of the story is that the our twerk savvy is way higher than LA's, and that a video this good could only be made in SF. Judge for yourself.


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