Indian Summer Style in San Francisco


7x7’s intrepid Style Maven, Lauren Goodman, navigates the city’s magical season craftily.

“On a recent trip, retracing the steps of Levi’s creative team’s inspiration for the Fall 2012 collection through the rocky, wooded coastline of Maine, every where I turned I was seduced by handicrafts, perfect for the Endless Summer look… Here are seven things I’m loving:”

1. High summer in Maine was like a dress rehearsal for the Northern Californian version. Here, Lauren is at Haystack School of Crafts in Deer Isle Maine, luxuriating in the sun in a Proenza Schouler shibori t-shirt and Levi’s cut-offs. “I want to come back and take a Shibori class!”

2. Cartier’s new evening clutch is handwoven with silver thread in Italy, with a lacquer and carnelian closure. Luxury, artisan style. $6100, (415) 397-3180.

3. Baja – by the Row at Susan -- the ultimately bohemian wink, the Baja. Available in November, $1690, (415) 922-3685.

4. SUMMER BUMMER Neoprene leggings -- Surfer goddess, Alexandra Cassaniti, spends her time between Hawaii and Los Angeles. Her line is produced right here in California. Take these for a dip in Bolinas or for coffee at Rose's. $220. 

5. Nest on Fillmore does craft better than anyone else. These African pillows infuse any room with a sense of humor, and color. 2300 Fillmore St. (415)292-6199.

6. Swan’s Island – I had this gorgeous blanket commissioned for my son while at the woolen Mill in Maine. All the fibers are naturally dyed and woven by hand. Also, check out the Levi’s Swan’s Island collaboration for Made Here. Love the inky blues of these exclusive scarves, available at Levi’s Plaza.

7. Marlinespike Chandlery – This slim nautical bracelet is an ideal base for any wrist flare, for girls or guys. Hand woven in linen thread, which is not even produced anymore, this version makes the generic variety pale in comparison, $10. Their netted stone necklaces are also rad.

For a full immersion into the Levi’s trip, check out this film:

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