Inside the Instagram-Worthy One-Bedroom Apartment of the Yummertime Fashionistos
(Photography by Sothear Nuon)

Inside the Instagram-Worthy One-Bedroom Apartment of the Yummertime Fashionistos


If you can't get enough of today's ever-flourishing crop of Instagram influencers, then you'll love cozying up on the couch in the San Francisco home of Yummertime founders Brock Williams and Chris Lin.

(If you've had enough of the dreamy "influencer" life—you know, pretty young people jetting about in fabulous wardrobes doing their cooler-than-yours jobs—then you can secretly devour the pics of Lin and Williams at home, where they epitomize the advent of the Instagram star—we won't tell.)

Back in 2014 when the couple, together six years now, was looking for a creative outlet to distract from their unfulfilling nine-to-fives in digital marketing and mobile start-ups, the gift of a Canon Rebel T3i camera from Lin's grandpa changed everything. They started taking photos of their lives (and outfits) together, posting the pics to their Instagram feed. The more they posted, the faster their audience grew, and the guys soon dumped their day jobs to focus fully on Yummertime.

They emerged from the hoards of influencers with a fresh, personal take on life and a markedly fun demeanor—and brands took notice; today, you can shop the couple's impeccably curated (and monetized) IG feed for everything from Korean cooking sauces to a Coach shearling jacket and jeans from Nordstrom. But while Williams and Lin are literally all over the place—gallivanting around the world as well as online (catch their Monday #MaskChats on Instagram Live and binge watch their videos on YouTube), their #goals life is perhaps nowhere more apparent than inside their Upper Markethome—an airy residence that more than makes most of its small stature.

Described by the guys as "minimally maximal and eclectic," the one-bedroom apartment is haven of pastel glamour, infused with the feeling of Palm Springs in the '80s. It combines a dizzying collection of trinkets and art—"We're not afraid to display it all in a randomly assorted manner," says Williams—with constantly edited restraint for a relatably high-low look that resonates with modern design lovers.

This past summer, the couple teamed with West Elm stylists to design their living and dining rooms. With their signature sweet color palette, oodles of texture and carefully chosen furnishings, the apartment is as bright as the boys who live there.

"We're especially proud of our dining room," says Williams. "It's an odd layout, so we felt the challenge of making a space that seemed definable as its own room, while still open and seamless to the rest of the apartment. Using wallpaper completely changed it."

Here are a few Yummertime tips for putting together a chic, small space.

1. "Don't be afraid of wallpaper! It's hugely impactful, even in small room or on a statement wall, and creates a great background for photos," says Lin.

2. "Incorporating mirrors help spaces feel both larger and brighter," Williams adds.

3. "We love lighting scented candles to create ambiance and to add another element of design that a lot of people don't think about," says Lin. "We want our home to look and smell good."


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