Is Gialina Really the Best Pizza in SF?


Michael Bauer blogged today about bringing Ed Levine (the NY-based food writer and pizza fanatic) to Gialina, the Glen Park pizzeria that Bauer claims makes the best pizza in SF. Then he threw in this little diss:

On the way to Gialina, Levine stops by Delfina Pizzeria and Bi-Rite. "[Ed] thought [Bi-Rite] ice cream was much better than the [Pizzeria Delfina] pizza, which he said was good but not great"

I couldn't disagree more. I'm not a fan of Gialina, as lovely of a spot as it is. The pizza lacks finesse. The sauce doesn't have the freshness and zip that Delfina's does. The crust doesn't speak to me at all. Considering the enormous line outside of Pizzeria Delfina last night (enormous!), I'd say I'm not the only pro-Delfina person out there.

Taste is subjective, as it turns out.

(But Bauer's still wrong.)

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