It's Hard Out There for a Hipster


There's lots to "ooh" and "ahh" over in design magazines, but when you're not zoning in on potential DiY projects or stellar architectural details, the bigger picture can be a bit perplexing. How come everyone looks as angsty as an old rerun of the O.C.? Is life really so bleak inside those haute modern walls? Take a moment to dwell on the obsurdity of it all with new website Unhappy Hipsters.

With a tagline stating "it's lonely in the modern world", the creator (or is it creators? The "about the author" section is as barren as many of the interiors) keeps things short and sweet with pithy one-liners that put the whole awkwardly staged–yet beautifully constructed–interiors into perspective. It's just the dose of effervescence the "serious" design world needs.

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