Katina Huston's "Big Noise" Opens @ Dolby Chadwick Gallery February 3rd


Using ink on paper to trace the shadows of things hung from her studio ceiling, Bay Area artist Katina Huston alters everyday objects like French horns, trumpets and bicycle wheels from their heavy, inanimate worldly forms into hazy, diaphanous designs that seem to float through space.

Rendered in sepia tones, the unruly ink she paints with sometimes bursts from inside the lines, and the smears and dribbles of color give her subjects movement and signs of life. Huston's meticulous shading, from hushed pale tones to dark, bold lines, show her portraits of metal objects catching light in a way that makes them jump right off the page.

Her latest show, entitled "Big Noise", opens at Dolby Chadwick Gallery on February 3rd. Meet Huston and catch her talent up close at the reception, which goes from 5:30-7:30 pm.

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