Killing My Lobster Goes Undercover


Tackling the wide world of espionage, amateur stalking, and clowns on pogo sticks, San Francisco's beloved sketch comedy group gives James Bond the lobster treatment. (The deliciously Scottish James Bond, rather than the Pierce Brosnan incarnation who, you must admit, fights like a girl.)

KML Goes Undercover is full of moments when you think, "They didn't really do that...did they?" When you realize OH YES THEY DID, you whisper to your companion, "That is so wrong." Then you laugh, maybe with an accompanying snort, because you're just as twisted as everyone else in the room. Specific though not exhaustive list of examples: dildos in specimen jars, Bond girls in diapers, a terrorist named after a stereotypical grain-based Middle Eastern dish, and Gestapo jokesters.

Killing My Lobster has been racking up accolades for over a decade from the likes of the Chronicle, Comedy Central and Robin Williams - and they're still going strong. And wrong.

Through June 27 at Zeum Theater, 221 4th St. Tickets are $15-20 at

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