Killing My Lobster Skewers SF Food Culture

Killing My Lobster Skewers SF Food Culture


Despite being named after such a delicious crustacean, it took Killing My Lobster more than a decade to haul their patented brand of quirky sketch comedy into the kitchen. Now that they’ve hit the pantry, their repertoire has expanded to include a bacon dominatrix (rather than the more obvious...stripper?) (sorry) (yeah, I’m not sorry at all), a warbling fish taco, and a man romancing his cake.

From foie gras to cheeseburgers, Killing My Lobster tenderly roasts San Francisco legends like Chinatown cooks, the Tamale Lady, and the ever-raging hipster coffee battle: Blue Bottle versus Ritual. Not to mention the burritos. San Franciscans get very heated about which taqueria rolls the best burrito.
Calling us out on our (well-deserved and entirely warranted) devotion to food, Killing My Lobster will make you hungry - and not just for lobster with garlic butter this time.
Through October 3. Zeum Theater, 221 Fourth Street. Tickets are $10-20 at


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