Kiss the Fitting Room Goodbye With SF Startup Lyon + Post

Kiss the Fitting Room Goodbye With SF Startup Lyon + Post


FiDi-based startup Lyon + Post is making a big promise to fashion mavens: Never enter a fitting a room again. Simply shop online, and try clothes on (at home!) before you buy. Hallelujah.

Launched late March by engineer Lawrence Wisne (formerly of PopSugar and Trulia who, you guessed it, lives at Lyon and Post streets), the website aims to give women what they want: the ease of shopping online while at work (ahem) teamed with the convenience of trying clothes on at home later before plunking down the moola. You pay for what you keep, and all the shipping is free. Hello.

So what's the catch? The clothes must be hideous, right? Wrong. Contemporary womenswear labels already signed up with Lyon + Post include department store faves like Vince, DVF, and Current Elliot, as well as lesser known, darling boutique brands including SF's own eco-chic Amour Vert, Naked Undies, and Bailey 44. But we're most excited for the accessories collaboration with shoe designer Chiara Ferragni, whose chic flats and sassy heels are all adorned with glitter, kooky images (hot dogs and cokes!), vibrant hues and more—we're kind of obsessed with these sparkly Wink flats ($287).

To get in on the action, fashionistas must sign up and await an invitation, members-only style, "to ensure everyone has a fantastic experience with Lyon + Post." Once you're in, you can revel in the glory that is easily summed up by the company's catchy hashtag: #farewellfittingrooms. That is, if you're a lady. Menswear is coming soon.  //  Lyon + Post (FiDi),

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