Last Chance to Experience Historic Transbay Terminal This Friday


Tomorrow is the last day the public can take tours of the historic Transbay Terminal building before it gets demolished and a new "Grand Central Station-West" structure gets erected in its place. Tours will be given once an hour from 12-4 pm.

The Transbay Terminal has an illustrious past. It began its life way back in 1939 as a terminal for trains crossing the Bay Bridge from the East Bay and beyond, as well as a place for street cars to service passengers. During the late 1950s, when the Bay Bridge was devoted exclusively to automobiles, train service at the terminal went defunct.

The tour also promises to give a peek into previously closed-off spaces in the terminal, like Cuddles Bar, the shoe shine shop and the Terminal Jail (!).

The Transbay Terminal is located on Mission St. @ 1st.

Photo via Funkzillabot on

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